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Pink, Green, and Turquoise Works-in-Progress

I’m featuring works-in-progress-or-already-done in colours such as pink, green, and turquoise here!!

I’ve created a new chevron cotton hat for sale.  This is made from cotton yarn and is edged with pink beads.

pink and white chevron crochet hat with beads

I’m also branching out with my cards!  I will be experimenting with various types of art and media (all by hand, no computer-generated images – I LOVE working by hand with physical materials!!!!!).  This card features a watercolour wash and permanent ink laid overtop.  Art piece is attached to the lined card.  These cards would make good gifts, as they can be framed by the recipient.

green art notecard with painted flowers

This photo is of some new bookmarks I’ve made.  I created them by cutting out, with decorative scissors, black cardstock.  Then I glued pieces of batik fabric to each one, and then I attached two strips of ribbon to each one.  A bookmark will be given out with each purchase from me!

black bookmarks with colourful batik scraps

And this pretty brooch is something I stitched up for someone last week.

turquoise and red embroidered fabric flower

The following two photos are new mystery works-in-progress.  Any guesses as to what they will be??

green and purple watercolour painting
sequins and embroidery on upcycled red linen
sequins and embroidery on upcycled red linen

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