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My Upcycled Fabrics: Curtains

And just following up on my last blog post, here are some photos of the curtains I made from the ever-growing stack of upcycled cotton thrift store sheets!  And yes, they don’t all match each other, but we love the colour everywhere in the house, and we didn’t pay much for good quality curtains.  Each curtain is also lined with fabric from white cotton sheets I had also collected over the years.

vintage sheet yellow, orange, green patchwork curtain

I pieced the above one together from three different sheets that had similar colours.

red and white flower patchwork curtain

And this was pieced together from a red sheet and a pretty floral sheet.  These are in my kitchen.  So cheery!

blue flower vintage cotton sheet made into curtain

I had two of these blue flowered sheets, so they worked perfectly for a wide living room window.

sunburst orange curtain made from upcycled thrift store sheet

I love this one!  This was a duvet cover, and I cut the sunburst from it.  The curtain hangs at a window on a doorway that used to be covered with a solid wood door.  Cheery curtain can be moved aside now to let in sunshine and lighten up the once-dark hallway!

candy-striped pink and white curtain from upcycled sheet

This candy-striped sheet was claimed by my daughter for her bedroom window.

orange, red, and pink curtain from upcycled sheet

And the sheets my friend gave me were made into curtains for our bedroom (my husband loves bright colours and patterns, too.).

starry skies curtain from upcycled cotton sheet

And this one is for my astronomy-loving son’s room – note the planets on the bottom!

Next blog post will be about my more-recently upcycled fabrics – this time, a wider variety.  Stay tuned!  I hope to post it later this week.

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