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My Upcycled Fabrics: The Beginning!

I’ve enjoyed sewing since I was in my early teens (maybe earlier!).  Fabric used to be inexpensive to buy for home sewing projects, and it was always fun to go into the downtown sewing store to look over the bolts of colourful material.  I’d look for an easy pattern of something new to make, then choose a fabric and a spool of thread.

But over the years fabric rose in price, and I eventually stopped buying it (and stopped sewing for a few years).  Around 2000 or so, someone gave me some old cotton flour sacks that had pretty little flower designs on them.  I decided to make a curtain for a window in our old house.  I enjoyed that!  In 2004 my family and I moved to another (not so drafty) house.  I started poking around in the linens section of thrift stores, and discovering that there were beautiful cotton sheets to be had for $3-5!  It dawned on me that I could use these sheets as fabric for sewing projects.  Out came the sewing machine again.  Collecting cotton sheets from thrift stores became an obsession a hobby for me, as some friends and family can attest to – you all know who you are.  😀

Below are photos of just a few of the sheets I’d collected over the years.

upcycled cotton sheets in flowers and stripes

The really colourful one on the far left became a shower curtain – I just couldn’t bear to break up all that big artwork. The others became or went into curtains when we had new windows installed.

upcycled cotton sheets in flowers and musical notes
upcycled cotton sheets in starry skies
space – the final frontier…

I found this cool set of starry sheets just five minutes before the thrift store closed – I knew my son would like them for curtains!  And those are his hands, playing Star Trek in front of them.  😀

red and orange striped cotton upcycled sheets

And this snazzy set came from a friend of mine who found them at a thrift store.  That sneaky girl made me think she was going to use them (even though I begged to buy them from her) – months later, she gave them to me for Christmas – which she had planned as soon as she spotted them.  😀

Next blog post will feature some of the things I’ve made from these.

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