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My Upcycled Fabrics: Silks, Wools, Linens, and Cottons I’ve Collected Over the Years

In addition to collecting cotton sheets with which to make make curtains and such, in all sorts of gorgeous designs and colours, from thrift stores;

upcycled turquoise fabric with red roses
upcycled fabric – black with white squares and colourful flowers
vintage sheet fabric with orange and yellow flowers 1970s
vintage sheet fabric blue flowers on white

I also started collecting silk fabrics from thrift stores!  The story behind that little obsession hobby is that while my mother was visiting me one time, we visited too many some thrift stores.  One of them has regular “Bag Days,” where you can stuff a garbage bag with clothing and other items for a fixed low price.  That day I think it was a small garbage bag for $7.  I didn’t need any clothing, and neither did my mother.  But, you know, since there was a bargain going on…..I got the bright idea to fill my bag with brightly-coloured silk shirts to use for craft projects!!  And my mother decided to collect leather clothing for the same purpose.  It was so much fun!!!!!  My mother tells me she never did use the leather, but I have definitely used the silks.  And I’ve collected more – photos below (I tried SO HARD to get good photos that show their true colours, but I couldn’t):

upcycled silk shirts in pink, red, green, orange
upcycled silk clothing in pink, green, blue, yellow, orange

I also started collecting thrifted linen clothing last summer, to use for craft projects:


And in the winter this past year, I began collecting thrifted wool sweaters to use for craft projects (one store has a bin of damaged wools for $1.50 each – I raid that bin every time I go in there, and I’ve found some beautiful cashmere sweaters – I “full” them all to use as felt):

upcycled striped wool sweater fabric
upcycled pink, blue, red wool sweaters

And again, I tried very hard to get good photos, but the light wasn’t cooperating. Anyway, try to picture the bright yellow and the bright orange in the first two photos.

Soooooo……my only problem with all these thrifted fabrics is that I am afraid to start cutting them all up!!!!  I need to just plunge right in.  So do you have any good ideas of what I might make with the silks and the wools? I’ve made silk tissue holders before.

And, do you recognize any items that were made from some of the above materials?  😀

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