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Red Linen Makeup Bag Finished!

Waaaaaayyyy down at the bottom of this post I posted a photo of a work-in-progress.  I’m finished making what is now a red linen makeup bag!

red linen makeup bag with purple applique and red sequins

You might notice that I changed the stitching around the appliqued petals.  At first I had hand-stitched around them, but it was taking longer than I had wanted.  So I decided to applique them on by sewing machine, which was fun.  I do enjoy hand-stitching, but for some reason I started feeling stuck in a rut.  So anyway, I also used a different colour thread.  After I got those appliqued onto the red linen (thrifted!) fabric, I got out of the rut and finished decorating the linen with a silk flower and red sequins.  Then I picked out a purple batik cotton to line the bag with, and I cut out the interlining and the padding.  After that, I could assemble everything, and voila!  A new bag from a new pattern I designed (it’s bigger, and it has a bottom gusset!)!!!  Very fun to see new things appear from my imagination.

Later I realized that ladies from the Red Hat Society might enjoy this bag!  Ever hear of that group?  It’s fun to see groups of them out and about, because they all wear red and purple and the most snazzy outfits.  😀

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