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Upcoming Shows and Works in Progress

Yikes, two months is far too long since my last blog post!  Time for a shows and works in progress update!!

First of all, I found out that I have been accepted for a few juried craft shows in the fall!!  I am very excited about these.  Two of them are the Hand Made Art and Craft Fair and one of them is the Dalplex Christmas Craft Market.  Details of these shows can be found here.

Next, I participated in a local business expo a couple of weeks ago, and that was a great opportunity!  I really enjoyed meeting other local business owners in my area, and I was glad to hand out quite a few business cards to local residents who expressed interest in my work!  I also met a woman who hopes to start a local store where local artisans can sell their work, and she is especially interested in artisans who use recycled materials in their work – HELLO!!!  I got really excited when she told me that and asked her to look me up if/when she gets this going!  Aside from the batch of new batik fabric I bought a couple of years ago and the new cotton yarn I buy for crocheting hats (and some bags and flowers), I LOVE using thrift store fabric finds for my creations – anything in cotton, wool, silk, or linen.

And finally, I’d like to share some more works in progress.  I am continually working on new ideas for bags, hats, brooches, and art notecards. And now that I’ve gained acceptance to these fall shows, I need to produce LOTS!  It’s going to be a fun few months creating new and always unique looks for these products.  I think of it all as art on practical items.

This first photo is of a bag I crocheted.  It’s constructed from circle granny squares, and then the panels are crocheted together on the sides and bottom to create bag sides and a bottom gusset.  Then I edged the top with shell stitches and beads.  I will make a lining to go inside to make the bag sturdy, and I’ll make an adjustable strap.  I’ll probably use one of my thrifted floral cotton sheets sheets for this.

pink colourful granny circle crocheted bag with beads

This next photos feature two flowers – one is crocheted from green and cream cotton yarn and the other is sewn from gathered pink upcycled silk fabric.

green and cream crocheted flower
gathered pink upcycled silk rose flower

Next is a green crocheted hat with shell stitch and bead edging.  I crocheted a giant blue flower to attach to it.  I just love the look of this huge flower on the hats!!  (An orange hat for sale features this flower, too, in purple)

spring green crocheted hat with big blue flower applique

The blue object in the next photo is the beginnings of another hat.  I recently found this new blue colour in cotton yarn, so I’ve been experimenting with it.  And the huge item is a paisley I crocheted.  When I originally started to crochet it, I thought it would be maybe five or six inches long, but nope!  It’s about twice that length!!  So I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. But once I got started with it, I didn’t want to stop, so voila, huge paisley!  😀  Any suggestions?  I suppose I could make a tote bag and attach it to one side of that…

giant red, pink, and orange crocheted paisley

And this last item is something I made for me.  It’s a piece of sea glass (that I found on a Cape Breton beach) wrapped in wire that is laced with beads.  It was my first time trying wire-wrapping, and I thought it came out alright for my first try.  The cord part is strips of pink silk braided together with beads added in every few centimetres.  It was fun to make.  😀

beaded and wire-wrapped sea glass necklace on beaded silk ribbon

OK, see you at the next blog post, which I will try to do before another two months go by!  Stay tuned, too, as I add photos of finished products to the “For Sale” sections of this website.

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