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Craft Area Gets Reorganized; New Items Made

Well, I’ve had a busy summer with household and family projects in addition to craft projects, thus the gap in between posts again.  However, today I was able to take a bunch of photos, and now I will catch you up on my progress towards the fall craft shows!

One project I did was to create a craft area for myself.  I had been working on our huge dining table (which was actually an old library table, so it was wider than normal), and had my sewing machine at the end.  Even with all this surface space, I still was constrained on being able to spread projects out and leave them.  So we changed the dining area into my craft area (and today I just so happened to find a great new [thrifted] and smaller dining table that fits into a smaller dining area I carved out in the house!) – yay!  I moved the table to the end of the space under a window, and now I have a great view while I’m sewing.  Can you see my turquoise 1960s-era Singer sewing machine on the right?  And part of my patchwork/vintage fabric curtain is peeking in at the upper right corner of the photo?

sewing area with 1960s turquoise Singer sewing machine

My container full of bigger pieces of cotton (such as vintage sheets and a few batik pieces I have left) is stored under the table.  Also, see the black fabric under the table?  That is eight banquet tablecloths I found at Value Village for $5 each.  They are heavy duty polyester, and they are six feet by ten feet.  I plan to make drapes from these to put on a pvc pipe frame that I will use to create my booth at the Dalplex Christmas Craft Market in November.  I was super excited to find these!  I’ll also use a couple for table coverings.  Imagine it – black backgrounds showcasing all my brightly coloured products!!!!!

I also reorganized and purged my supplies shelving and moved the shelving unit.  The two big baskets contain my thrifted linens, silks, and wools that I use in many projects.  Also, another couple of baskets contain cotton fabric scraps that I organized by dominant colour. This will make it easier for me to put patchwork projects together or to make fabric flowers.

shelving to organize papers, fabrics, art supplies

I put all my spools of ribbon on dowels, and I will hang the dowels up somewhere in the craft area, so I can access the ribbon easily.

coloured ribbon collection

The next project I did was revamping my twenty-year-old ironing board!  My husband had found this, left behind, in the backyard of one of our apartment buildings when we first got married.  I slapped a cover over some padding years ago, and never fixed it further.  But with a new craft area comes a new ironing board. 😀  I used a recently-thrifted (fifty cents!!!!) vintage cotton floral pillowcase to create the cover – I love the turquoise and other bright colours in it (although it’s all a bit faded)!!  After digging around in the garage, I found a forgotten small can of yellow paint for metal.  Two coats and four new rubber feet later, and I have a new ironing board!  I might have to take up ironing again!!!  😀

yellow and blue floral cover ironing board
yellow and blue floral cover ironing board

Below are samples of products I am working on.  This photo features some of the mostly finished cross-body reversible bags (ahhhhh, vintage floral fabrics……).  I just have to get the bag flaps decorated, then I can finish sewing all the parts of each bag together.

floral vintage sheet reversible cross-body bags

This photo features sewn-together strips of wool and silk.  I cut them into fringes, and I will roll them into flower shapes to make brooches.  This is just a sample of the many colourful wool and silk flowers!

silk and wool ready to be rolled into flowers

Below are wide strips of linen (love my thrift store finds – the most recent being the greens and the coral pieces) that I am embroidering.  I will turn these into flower brooches, too, after decorating them.

green, pink, yellow linen embroidered flower brooches in progress

The next photo features the makings of a tote bag!  I found this orange sturdy cotton fabric in a thrift store and it screamed “tote bags!” at me.  😀  I will line each one with a pretty fabric and make the straps out of the two fabrics.  Then I will decorate them all.  You can see some flowers I’ve already crocheted.  I will sew these on along with a few other decorative elements – whatever inspires me for each bag.  😀  This is the fun part of sewing.  😀

orange tote bag with crocheted flowers and blue batik lining

Ahhhhh……here is the paper art side of my business – these are the original-art notecards I am working on.  I had a blast filling pieces of watercolour paper with splotches of colour and lines of oil pastel.  After this all dried, I cut them up into pieces, and now I am decorating each piece to make a piece of art to put on a colourful piece of cardstock.  Each card will have a white liner.  And each card can also be given as a gift which the recipient can frame if so desired.

art notecards watercolour and coloured pencils

Below are some of the cotton hats I am working on.  Each hat will be in a bright colour and will have some sort of decoration sewn onto it.

cotton crochet hats in blue, green, purple

And that is it for samples of my products for now!  Hope you enjoyed looking at them.  I will post more as I get them done over the coming months.  On the personal side, below is a lined tote bag I made for a friend for her 50th birthday.  I lined it with a yellow floral vintage fabric.  And you can see the crocheted flowers as above.  I experimented with crocheting leaves and stems, and that was fun!  She loved it and that made me happy.  😀  And the other photo is of some samples of floral plates I have found at thrift stores recently.  I LOVE collecting these for my family to use every day!  I hadn’t collected any in a few years, but recently I started up again.  If it’s pretty and floral and it says “made in England” on the back, I buy it.  😀  I was able to get several of each of the ones below.

orange tote bag with flowers, leaves, stems
thrifted floral English china plates

And that’s it for now!  Stay tuned over the coming months as I get things finished up for craft shows.  Maybe you could share this post around to people you know who might enjoy looking at my products (or follow me on Facebook?  Check out my Pinterest boards?).  I love finding others who share the same artistic interests as I have. I’ll also be posting about the craft shows as they come up in the schedule (first one in a little over a month!).

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