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Thrift Haul From Value Village

Value Village had a 50% off sale on clothing and bedding recently.  Guess who drove to both local stores in a single afternoon and spent the whole time poring over racks of clothing and sheets?!  My daughter came along, and though dragging by the end, she had fun watching me go nuts over linens and silks.  I even found a vintage cotton floral sheet that was exactly like one I found about a month ago in another thrift store!

green floral vintage cotton sheet

And the two green floral sheets are the same pattern as two I already have (and have cut into for crafts):

vintage sheet fabric blue flowers on white
vintage sheet fabric blue flowers on white
vintage cotton floral purple sheet
vintage cotton floral purple sheet

And I used all three to make this cool bag:

padded wristlet made from green, purple, and blue thrifted floral cotton vintage sheets

Anyway, I made my way through the women’s clothing sections (they’re huge!) of both stores, searching for clothing made with 100% silk, 100% linen, and 100% wool.  I lost my “oomph” searching through all the sweaters (because I have another spot I search regularly for shrunken wool sweaters for $1.50 – better bargain than VV 50% off), so I focused on shirts, pants, pantsuits, dresses, skirts, and blazers.  (I fear I am revealing too much now about how I find things!!  eek!)  What a haul I came home with!!!  I was positively swooning with the variety of colours in the silk and linen clothing pieces.  Here are some photos, which just don’t do the colours justice:


thrifted colourful silk shirts
thrifted silk floral, embroidered, and plaid shirts

(I love these three silk pieces that are patterned or embroidered!)


thrifted colourful linen clothing

Here is a bag I made from silk scraps:

embroidered wristlet made from orange, yellow, green silk scraps

This haul should keep me busy in the coming year for next year’s craft shows.  😀

Update on craft shows:  I did attend the craft fairs at the Waverley Legion in September and last weekend.  It was great to see that local art and craft show is growing in popularity in this area!  And it’s always fun when I spot someone whom I KNOW is going to like my creations, and they walk over and their eyes light up.

craft show display Hand Made Art and Craft Fair

My final craft show of this fall is at the end of November, which means that I have just a little over a week to finish up some creations I want to have ready – double EEK!!  This show will be a first for me – the Dalplex Christmas Craft Market – and I hear that 8,000 people came through last year!!  I’m nervous but very excited to have been juried into this show!!!

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