Dalplex Christmas Craft Market – My First Big Craft Show!

I just finished a three-day weekend of my first big (translation:  pricier-booth-rental-but-thousands-of-visitors-coming-through) craft show!  I was a vendor at the Dalplex Christmas Craft Market.  It was a lot of fun having a booth space (8 ft. by 10 ft.) in which to spread out my products.  I had a general layout idea in my head, but I always end up tweaking as I set up.  Some crafters figure out every detail in advance and do practice set-ups, but I just prefer to get there and see in person what I have to work with.  My daughter came along with me to do the set-up; and with her artistic eye, she made suggestions to me.  I used many of them, including the location of stringing up Christmas lights and the stringing up of some colourful Christmas ornaments (that I’d made) across the booth entrance.  My daughter said the ornaments across the entrance made the booth feel cozy – I agree.  The ornaments caught the overhead light and sparkled!  I had black curtains around the booth, and I used black banquet cloths (snagged from Value Village – wooohooo!) to cover tables and other items I’d used for putting products on.  So all my colourful bags, hats, brooches, and art notecards POPPED!  As one booth visitor said, I showcased the actual products rather than clever props.  I’m glad he saw what I’d been aiming for.  I received MANY compliments on my booth.  😀

Feel free to pin any of these images to Pinterest – that is where I got many ideas for booth displays.

black booth showcasing colourful bags, hats, brooches, and cards
Dalplex Christmas Craft Market 2014
my beautiful daughter helping me

Just look at that beautiful face poking out from under the big banner!  😀

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