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Wool Mittens and Christmas Cards

I worked on a few personal creative projects in December, and one of them resulted in being commissioned to do a custom order.  I had figured out how to make mittens from shrunken wool sweaters, so I made a pair for myself:

wool sweater mittens with red leather palms

I lined them with fabric from a thrifted bathrobe, and I put red suede leather on the palm piece so I can grip the steering wheel when driving.  And as you can see, I decorated with buttons and embroidery stitches.  They are very warm!!  So then a friend asked me to make two more pairs – one for her and one for her daughter:

wool sweater mittens in pink with embroidery
red embroidered wool sweater mittens

I was pretty excited about how these two pairs came out!!

Another project I did was making ornaments and cards to mail out to family members for Christmas.  I had fun laying down fabrics and applique pieces and buttons and embroidery to create the ornaments:

embroidered and appliqued candle Christmas ornament

And I enjoyed laying down layers of paper, paint, stitching, and marker into these card designs:

mixed media stitched Christmas card
mixed media stitched Christmas card
mixed media stitched Christmas card

Both the ornament and card projects were a bit of an exploration for me into mixed media – one being with mostly fabrics and the other being mostly papers.  Once again I loved putting random materials together into a cohesive whole.

The last show I participated in in December went well.  I was one of only about five vendors at a local yoga centre, and everyone who came to the open house seemed to be supporters of local artisans!!  It was fun to connect with people like that.  And it was fun to see them appreciating the products they bought!  I had chats throughout the day with the vendor beside me – she made GORGEOUS paintings with henna designs on them!!!!!

After Christmas I finally got around to finishing a pillow cover project I’d begun, oh, about three years ago!  I had knitted striped squares from cotton yarn and sewn them all together into patchwork pieces.  All I had left to do was make the backs so that I could slip these over my couch pillows.  I finally made myself do it, and here is the result:

colourful striped knit pillow cushion covers

I got so inspired by finally having finished these that I decided to make another set for another set of pillows!  This time I sewed pieces of cotton together to make patchwork, and I layered those pieces with batting and quilted them.  Then I added backs.  Here is the colourful result of that:

colourful batik quilted patchwork pillow cushion covers

The increasing colourfulness in my livingroom makes me smile.  😀

So, as always happens, after Christmas I did a big “craft area cleanup.”  I tossed bits and pieces I wouldn’t use, gave away or sold other things that I knew others could use, and organized the rest.  Usually after that I get re-inspired to start creating again.  That hasn’t happened so far this month!!  I keep telling myself not to panic – I know this phase will pass.  I think I’m still recovering from what was a very busy last couple of months of 2014 for me.  Meanwhile, I did manage to lay some paint on paper to doodle around one evening, and lay some coloured pencil to another piece of paper.  These were activities just to play around with different media and enjoy the creative process without the pressure to have an “outcome.” I need more of that!

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