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Pillowcases! Sunhats! Mittens! Granny Squares!

I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but I am still crafting away here in between all my other life duties!  I’ve slowed down on the mass-production mode I had been in; and I’ve enjoyed making unique pillowcases, sunhats, mittens, and granny squares for two different blankets.

The following photos are of the latest pillowcases I’ve made.  With the last pillowcase I made, I finally perfected the pattern I had created.  Now I have an actual pattern to use instead of trying to measure fabric each time.  Relief! I love picking out fabrics (and embroidery thread) from my thrifted cotton sheet and clothing stash to go together in these pillowcases!!!  And I’m especially glad to have figured out that a flat-felled seam will hide the embroidery threads on the backside and that French seams hold the pieces together beautifully (you can see these details in the last photo here).

purple and blue floral embroidered pillowcase from vintage sheets
purple and blue floral embroidered pillowcase from vintage sheets
pink and green floral pillowcase made from thrifted sheets – embroidered, flat-fell seamed, and French seamed
close up of flat-felled seam and French seam in pink and green floral embroidered pillowcase

Another fun project for me in June was these two sunhats for my twin niece and nephew.  My sister had requested these awhile ago.  She sent me their head measurements, and when they visited me that month, the hats were ready!  I tried to get photos of them wearing the hats, but, they are squiggly kids so I gave up and let them have fun.  😀

green cotton toddler reversible sunhat with orange lining
pink cotton toddler reversible sunhat with orange lining

After that, I got inspired to make another hat.  I found an old hat-making book that explained to me EXACTLY how to measure my head to make a pattern.  I didn’t know that hat patterns are supposed to be oval-shaped because our heads are.  (I had always made hats in the round)  I followed all the instructions in the book and, more importantly, learned the geometric principles for creating a hat pattern for anyone’s head.  I also learned a few ways to make variations for hat patterns.  It would be really fun for me to experiment with different styles!  Anyway, I made the brim pattern once I got my head measurements (circumference AND side to side and front to back).  From that I was able to make the patterns for the slanted-outward side and the round top.  I had a picture in my mind of how I wanted the hat shaped, and I was able to translate it into a workable pattern – I’m so pleased with how it turned out!

Then I scrounged through my fabrics and came up with purple and orange.  The purple is from a vintage floral sheet, the orange lining is from another sheet, and the orange flower and ribbon are from thrifted silk shirts.  I love how the sunhat came out!!!

purple sunhat from vintage sheet with orange silk flower and band
purple orange sunhat
purple sunhat from vintage sheet with orange silk flower and band

Next project, or “work-in-progress,” aka WIP:  mittens made from wool sweaters!  I found a jackpot of wool sweaters at a local thrift store – each was $1.50 because each had defects of some sort.  I think I found twenty-four of them, which is almost unheard of around here because other crafters snag them for making things such as slippers and wool baby pants.  So, I decided that I would mass-produce some mittens to sell at fall and Christmas craft shows this year.  I will decorate each one with something on the top-of-hand piece, and I will put a suede leather piece on the palm wool piece.  I will market them as “driving mittens” because they will grip a steering wheel.  I will line them with red fleece I found at a big discount.  (See the jade green pieces?  The photos don’t do the colour justice, but it’s beautiful and it’s some of the suede leather pieces)

wool and leather mitten pattern pieces

And lastly, I am also picking away at crocheting sets of granny circle squares for two different blankets.  The watermelon / blue / white one will be for my daughter, and the red / green / yellow / orange / blue one will be for our living room couch.

red, green, blue, white granny circle square for blanket
red, green, orange, blue, yellow granny circle square for blanket

Stay tuned for photos of finished items over the next few months!  Also, check out my Shows page to see where I’ll be selling this fall.  You can also browse my shop.

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