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Mittens, Wristlets, Pillowcases, Art Notecards!

I’ve been busy again with making mittens, a couple of bright wristlets, some pillowcases, and some art notecards.  Here we go…

I will have fifteen pairs of recycled fluffy wool mittens for sale!  I created my own mitten pattern using my knowledge of geometry (that was fun!).  I started off using some thick wool, but then I realized it would be too bulky.  I’m in the midst of sewing all the parts together, and are the mittens ever SOFT and cozy!  Each pair of mittens will feature a fleece lining for additional warmth, embroidery and button decoration, cuffs for a snug fit around the wrists, and a suede piece over the palm parts so that you can wear them to drive a vehicle!  This provides a better grip on the steering wheel.  Here is a photo of the mittens-in-progress (they will look better once the linings are in and the cuffs are on):

wool felt mitten pieces with yarn embroidery

I’ve also created two new clutch bags for sale.  They are made from upcycled linen fabric (I just LOVE the blue and green colours!!!), lined with cotton fabric, and embellished with embroidery and cotton flowers.

blue linen embroidered wristlet with purple cotton flower
lime green embroidered linen wristlet with orange yellow cotton flower

I’ve created two new pillowcases for my daughter.  She picked out and coordinated the fabrics for each one, and she picked the embroidery thread colours.

turquoise, pink, black gingham embroidered pillowcase
pink yellow-stripe blue-floral embroidered pillowcase

I also created two new art notecards.  Apparently I love green and blue right now.

black art notecard with blue and orange floral hand-drawn hand-coloured design
black art notecard with pink green and yellow floral hand-coloured hand-drawn design

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