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Yikes, I forgot to write a blog post about the then-upcoming craft show I participated in this past weekend!  Anyway, it was the fourth annual one for the NS Art & Craft Sale, and it was my third time participating.  The two organizers do SUCH a great job, and they love doing it!!  I’m so glad I was chosen to take part in it. For next year, they will jury artists and crafters again, and I hope they pick me, haha!  😀  I’m already brainstorming new ideas.  Anyway, this year’s show was GREAT for me!  It was three days long, and unlike in previous years, all three days were BUSY.  Usually the Friday and Sunday are fairly quiet, but not this time!  I think it must be getting more well-known in our area, which is great.  And many of the people who come are there to buy unique handmade gifts for Christmas.  I ended up selling quite a few pairs of mittens, along with some bags.

And then I signed myself up for another craft show in two weeks.  The Wintergreen Craft and Gift Fair HALIFAX! will be held in downtown Halifax, and over eighty crafters are expected to participate.  That’ll be the weekend of craft shows in this region!  I hope shoppers check out all the shows.

When I first posted upcycled wool mittens for sale on my Facebook Page, this pair caused a “bidding war!”

red and black argyle wool mittens with red leather palm

I had to ask my followers why they liked this pair so much; it turns out the answer was “argyle.”  So, off to thrift stores I went, in search of wool argyle sweaters.  I found some beautiful ones and turned them into more pairs of mittens.  All but one pair of argyle have been sold at this time!

After this past weekend’s successful show, I (who previously disliked argyle because all I ever saw was dull colours and because I forgot about my colourful argyle socks of the 80’s) became obsessed with argyle.  I’ve been drawing argyle designs and colouring them in.  And today I hit the local thrift stores in search of more wool sweaters – I did find one beautiful argyle one – it has bright yellow in it!  (I also found some gorgeous lambswool and cashmere sweaters, all of which have now been felted for more mitten pairs)

Another design idea I’ve been obsessed with lately is the mandala.  After I figured out how to draw a mandala, I drew and coloured two of them.  I used one of them for a baby shower card:

art notecard colourful hand-drawn hand-coloured mandala against black cardstock

I haven’t taken a photo yet of the other one – it’s bigger and even prettier and more complex!

I also made these crinkly balls for the baby shower gift:

baby balls black with green, purple, orange and crinkly noisemaker inside

The crinkliness comes from potato chip bags stuffed in with the polyester stuffing.  (The baby’s mother loves black with bright colours – happily, so do I!)

I found yet more beautiful cotton floral sheets at thrift stores recently:

yellow orange pink vintage cotton floral sheet
pink cotton floral vintage pillowcases

I found another one this morning, but I don’t have a photo of it. Sigh, I just love looking at all these beautiful vintage cotton floral sheet patterns!!  My heart skips a beat every time I spot one in a thrift store.  😀

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