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Shows, Argyle, and Flower Power

Carrying on from my last post, I ended up buying MORE argyle wool sweaters and making THEM into mittens which then quickly got sold!  Samples:

gray argyle upcycled wool mittens with embroidery and leather palms
pastel blue pink yellow argyle upcycled wool mittens with leather palms and embroidery
gray and cream argyle upcycled wool mittens with embroidery and leather palms

My fair last weekend in Halifax went well.  My mittens gained a lot of admirers and new owners.  This Saturday I am participating in a local artisan show at a Seasonal Open House & Artisan Gift Bazaar sponsored by the Fall River Yoga Centre.  I did this last year, and it was really nice!!

As I mentioned previously, I am loving argle at the moment.  Here is a design I created on paper with my trusty Sharpie markers, ruler, and protractor (can you spot the colouring mistake I made, hee hee?):

pink and silver hand-drawn hand-coloured argyle pattern

I keep thinking it would be fun to try quilting an argyle pattern for a bag or a blanket.  Stay tuned to this blog, because I will surely post photos of whatever I make!

And here is my button collection.  I just purged it of buttons I didn’t want anymore (mostly off-white).  Now I have a manageable collection of colourful buttons to use on projects.  I am itching to start some sort of embroidery/button decoration project!!

glass jar filled with colourful buttons

And my last fun item to report is that I scored yet another vintage cotton floral sheet at a thrift store for just TWO DOLLARS!!

flower power vintage cotton floral sheet

I have another sheet in this same pattern, with flowers in oranges instead of blues.  I love collecting these things!!!  I hope over the winter to create with some of them.  Maybe a quilt for our bed?


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