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Mandala, Sunhat, Christmas Projects

Here we are, halfway through January, after another busy December.  It seems that as my teens get older, they get more involved in community activities.  This past Christmas season, they were involved in choirs and in running sound boards for numerous events.  The days swirled by, but I enjoyed looking at my tree with the pretty ornaments on it.  I also spent the first part of January working on improving my whole website/blog, and trying to figure out Instagram.  Social media and technology are always a big learning curve for me, but I do like the particular media I use.  I hope to connect with more artists/artisans/crafters this coming year!

I created some Christmas items last year and posted about them, but I forgot to post about this one below:

blue starry glittery advent calendar

It’s an advent calendar.  The artwork was created by local artist Judith Brannen of Laughleton Gallery years ago, and she handed out copies of it at an event I attended.  I coloured in each piece and used them on a previous advent calendar.  But last year I decided to make a new one.  This one was made from a piece of dark blue corduroy that I had, and I sewed the pockets on this time instead of gluing like I had done previously.  This makes the whole thing feel sturdier.  I love the starry fabric and glitter all over it.

Last summer I started working on another sunhat from the pattern I had made for myself.  This one is made from a orangey-pink silk that I crazy-quilted onto a base fabric.  I then embroidered it.  I lined it with a floral vintage sheet fabric, and I will create a green silk band and silk flower to put on it.  I could get addicted to making these hats!  Here is the work-in-progress:

orange pink crazy quilted silk sunhat with purple embroidery and green silk rose and band

I’ve enjoyed creating and colouring in mandala designs.  I know that adult colouring books are a huge trend right now…hmmm…wondering if I should try my hand at creating a book?  I’m not sure.  But anyway, here is my latest mandala design – all hand-drawn and hand-coloured by me:

hand-drawn hand-coloured original mandala design

What projects are you working on?



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