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Granny Square Blankets and Vintage Sheets!

I posted awhile ago some photos of granny circle squares I was working on.  Last night, I decided to lay out the squares to see how big of a blanket each colourway would make.  I discovered that somewhere along the way, I had mistakenly switched to a smaller crochet hook (that thought had been nagging at my brain, but I wasn’t sure).  So I had to rip out seven or eight of the squares from one blanket and four or five from the other and start them over again.  A friend wisely suggested I could have wet and blocked the smaller squares to stretch them, but I am too perfectionist – seeing the stretched stitches would have bothered me!  😀  Anyway, I did the ripping and all the yarn is tucked back onto balls for me to re-crochet.

Below is a photo of the squares for the blanket my daughter requested from me.  She chose all the colours and the order in which they would appear in each square.  I think this is quite stunning to look at – she is quite artistically talented.

granny circle squares for daughter’s blanket

Then below is a photo of squares I am making for a blanket for our living room.  I LOVE the colour bright red, so it had to be around the edges.  And I love the spring green against the red, and the other colours radiating out from the light yellow in the middle.  The squares look like flowers to me.

granny circle squares for living room blanket

Meanwhile, my many years-long (fifteen years or so?) enjoyment of obsession with vintage cotton floral sheets continues. Below are some more finds!!!

I’ve always loved the white sheets that have coloured roses in different patterns on them.  I have those sheets with blue roses, pink roses, yellow roses, and purple roses.  Here is my most recent purple rose find:

purple roses on white cotton vintage floral sheet

And then here is another purple flower sheet (that is the same pattern as several blue flower sheets I have – some made into curtains, and a yellow pillowcase I once had):

purple floral vintage cotton sheet

And here is a very colourful sheet which is the same as one I had years ago when my daughter was little.  When I found that sheet, I had made it into a nightgown for her – she loved it til it wore out!  I also used part of it to make the inside of my sewing machine cover.  Imagine how excited I was to find another sheet in the same pattern!

pink roses yellow and blue flowers vintage cotton floral sheet

Ah, I just love bright colours on natural fabrics!


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