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Last night, while browsing Instagram (and discovering that one of my favourite craft bloggers started following my account – fangirl moment!!!), I learned that my very favourite vintage cotton floral sheets were made by Wabasso in Canada under the product name Marvel Press.  I then spent hours obsessing over finding every Wabasso Marvel Press sheet pattern that I could find on the internet.  I’m slightly tired today…But I pinned patterns to one of my Pinterest boards, so that I could remember, look, and sigh with happiness when I look at my board.  A local thrift store is having a sale tomorrow – I am hoping to find some!

A couple of weeks ago I suddenly was seized with the desire to begin redecorating our home.  I don’t mean go into renovations or buy new furniture or anything huge.  I just mean starting to collect cozy blankets for the couches, making some new cushion covers, and things like that.  I started pinning ideas onto a new Pinterest board so that I could get inspired.  I love colour, and I have decided that I just don’t care if things don’t “match” in our home.  Somehow, colours and patterns all look nice when set against white walls or one colour on a wall.  I also reserved some library books to further inspire myself.

I also started a list of “everything I want to make” for now.  I read a book a few months ago called Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher that helped me understand that with zillions of ideas going through my head, it was OK and actually helpful to write them all down in a three-ring binder (I love the versatility of three-ring binders).  I didn’t actually have to DO all these ideas, but they’d all be sitting there for me in case I wanted to dip in and do something.  It’s different than my usual “to do” lists which are lists of things I MUST do.  So anyway, my “everything I want to make” list is there.  And I’m actually doing some of the things on it, because I WANT to, not because I MUST.  One thing I started was “cut cotton patches for master bedroom quilt”:

batik cotton squares for future blanket

We haven’t had anything really pretty on our bed since I had to give away the granny square blanket I made during our first year of marriage almost twenty-two years ago (husband was allergic to dust hiding in acrylic yarn – one reason I don’t use acrylic or polyester anymore).  So anyway, I hauled out the remnants of batik cottons I’ve had since first starting to make bags for sale, and cut them all out.  I have another pile of black/white plus colourful flowers fabric to cut into squares, but only when I figure out how many more squares I need.

Another item I started was “re-do master bedroom pillowcases.”  Remember the two pillowcases I made for us last year?  That was before I perfected the art of embroidering the edges and then hiding the back of embroidery within French seams, flat-felled seams, and hems.  So, being obsessive right now with wanting to create a comfortable bedroom again, I took them partially apart and began re-embroidering.  Then I’ll sew them back up and hide the embroidery back within seams.  😀

I’m also attempting to make a mattress pad from a comforter, and some fitted sheets from parts of flat sheets.  I will be posting photos of ALL of this when it’s all done!  I got fabrics and comforter cut out this morning, and that’s always half my battle – now I can get to the fun parts of sewing and decorating.

I’ve also ideas for products to make and sell during the fall and holiday craft season, but I haven’t started on anything yet.  You can bet the ideas are on a list in my notebook, though!

I walked around the house taking random photos this morning.  Some of them are re-takes from when I posted about curtains a few years ago – I deleted the old photos and posted three new ones at the beginning of this post, including this photo:

vintage sheet yellow, orange, green patchwork curtain

Another photo was of an orange gingham cotton tablecloth I found from a thrift store:

orange gingham checked cotton fabric

Vintage cotton floral sheet fabric covering my ironing board:

floral ironing board cover from vintage sheet fabric

And finally, coloured pencils and a beautiful piece of patchwork my daughter made as a gift for me:

patchwork wall hanging made by my daughter
coloured pencil collection

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