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Floral Sheets and Colourful Projects!

Value Village had a 50% off bedding sale a few weeks ago, so I took advantage.  Just look at these beautiful cotton floral sheets I found!!!  I love the blue and green floral on the blue and white stripes in the first photo.  And the sheets in the second photo…the thrifted fabric is very sturdy (Wabasso, of course!) – I have two sheets and two pillowcases in that print – all in excellent condition!  All have been added to my fabric collection for projects.

blue vintage cotton floral sheet
Wabasso floral cotton sheet

Another couple of beautiful thrifted finds that day were two cotton blankets – one in pastel green and the other in pastel blue (strong pastels, not soft).  They are folded in the photo below.

blue green white yellow cotton thrift store blankets

The white cotton blanket you see in the above photo was a Frenchy’s (popular thrift store in Atlantic Canada) find – $2.25 in the “drop cloth” bin!!!!  I’m not sure why it was in that bin, but I snagged it up.  It’s not a colour I’d usually bring home, but since my kids are older now, I thought I’d take a chance.  😀  These blankets rest on the backs of my couches, so that we can wrap up in them on cool days or evenings (or naptimes).  I’ve had the yellow cotton blanket for years.  I may decorate each of these blanket somehow, with applique or embroidery.

But before I do anything to those blankets, I am working on a project to decorate another Frenchy’s drop cloth bin cotton blanket.  I don’t have a photo, but this blanket is a much duller light green, but since it was only $2.25 and cotton, I snagged it for the couches, thinking about decorating.  And here is what I am crocheting to attach to the dull blanket – I think these huge flowers will liven it right up!  What do you think?  You can never have too much colour, pattern, or flowers!!  😀

purple yellow pink crochet beaded flowers to applique to blanket
purple yellow pink crochet beaded flowers to applique to blanket

In reference to the post where I mention a bedroom makeover, I did remake the pillowcases I mentioned, to hide the embroidery threads in the French and the flat-felled seams.  I also made the mattress pad and one fitted sheet (so far – I have more to make from my thrifted fabrics).  Then I got inspired to make two more pillowcases, because I love the pretty vintage sheet fabrics (and thrifted gingham shirt fabrics) and the peacefulness of embroidering.  Here they are:

floral gingham embroidered handmade pillowcase
floral gingham embroidered handmade pillowcase
floral gingham embroidered handmade pillowcase
floral gingham embroidered handmade pillowcase

Recently, I came across this book called Crafting A Colorful Home by Kristen Nicholas.  Oh. My.!!  I love her aesthetic for her colourful home and all the projects she does in it!!  I was especially taken by her very colourful hand-painted lampshades that look like stained glass!!!  Now, I don’t have the kind of paint she used for those, but I do have Sharpie markers.  And I had plain white plastic lampshades.  But now I have colourful flowered lampshades:

flower power lampshades
flower power lampshades

These make me happy when I turn them on in the evening.  😀

Lately I’ve been intrigued by paint.  As in watercolour paint and fine artist acrylic paint.  I did some reading about the differences between crafter’s acrylic and fine artist acrylic, and bought some fine artist acrylic paint on sale at a local craft store.  I LOVE how bright the colours are and how vibrant the colours can be when mixed!!!  I had no idea – I used to get so frustrated trying to mix colours with crafter paint in primary colours – it just never worked.  I had no clue it all had to do with the amount of pigment in a paint.  Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with colour mixing with those.  And I’ve experimented some more with the watercolour paints I have on hand.  The ones I have are probably not artist quality, but they are vibrant enough for now.  Last week, I created the first “painting” I’ve ever been really proud of!  It was fun to just get into the creative zone with careful brush strokes with the different colours and shapes.  And I was able (just like with crocheting, knitting, or embroidering) to stop and go, adding things during bits of free time.  I decorated the blue background with silver Sharpie marker dots and outlined the flower petal shapes.  The black watercolour lines and dots were added last, to add interest to the flowers.  I was pretty excited, and I planned to frame it for our house.

watercolour floral painting red pink yellow blue green silver

And then I decided to spread gloss varnish over it.  With a paintbrush.  And the black watercolour lines and dots SMEARED all over the place!  I tried to console myself with the thoughts I’ve read elsewhere that artists learn from their mistakes.  So I guess I should use a spray varnish instead next time.  Oh well.

What projects have you been up to?  I’d love to hear!

2 thoughts on “Floral Sheets and Colourful Projects!

  1. Love your vintage bed linens make over, the pillow cases are gorgeous. Love the idea for your lamp. Sorry to hear about your smeared picture, I think it is lovely. Cheers, Michele


    1. Thank you so much, Michele! I’ve loved experimenting with making these types of pillowcases over the past year. And thanks for the sympathy about the smeared picture. I was disappointed, but I’ll just have to try again. 😀


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