Colleen Sharpe Bags Go International! :D

My mother was here visiting me from the States last fall.  I gave her a bunch of bags to take home with her, as she had offered to try to sell some of them in her region of the world.  A few months ago she sent me this photo of a happy-looking customer holding her newly-purchased leather wristlet!  I had made several of these (scroll to second photo) a couple of years ago from upcycled suede leather clothing.  It was fun to see this lady holding hers!

happy customer
Happy Customer with Suede Leather Wristlet and Wool and Silk Flower

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from a friend, Ann, whose sister, Becky, had bought a bag for herself (and had taken it to Costa Rica) and one for their sister, Carol, as a Christmas gift last year.  Carol sent Ann some photos of her bag with her in Mexico, and Ann forwarded the photos to me.  Of course I just HAD to obtain permission to use the photos to show you a happy gift-receiver (permission was granted, yay!)!  Below is Carol, boarding a boat in sunny Cozumel, Mexico, wearing her sunny yellow bag made by me!!  Doesn’t it look great against her blue shirt?!?!?

Customer Wearing Her Yellow Batik Bag on Snorkeling Expedition in Cozumel Mexico
Here’s the sunny yellow batik bag on the boat which was bound for a snorkeling expedition – you can see the reverse fabric in the strap – the reverse fabric is a gorgeous pink tulip vintage sheet fabric:

Yellow Batik Bag With Pink Flower on Snorkeling Expedition in Cozumel Mexico
And here’s Carol again with her sunny bag in the sunny Tulum Ruins in Mexico:

Customer Wearing Her Yellow Batik Bag Near Tulum Ruins in Mexico
And the sunny yellow batik bag resting at a beach by the Tulum Ruins on the Caribbean Sea:

Yellow Batik Bag with Pink Flower Near Caribbean Sea in Mexico
These bags are made for being out and about – they fit comfortably across the body, and they hold essentials for day trips.  It pleases me to see that people are pleased with my creations!  (and I hear that Carol may take her bag on her next trip – to Italy!)


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