Upcycled Fabrics

Thrifted Batik Fabrics

Three years ago, I wrote about making a bunch of reversible cross-body cotton batik bags to start selling.  You see, the year before that, I had stumbled upon an unbelievable deal on yardage of cotton batik fabric ($2.99 USD/yard) while visiting a surplus discount store in the States.  I went nuts picking out pieces of this yardage in a huge array of colours and designs – I was in heaven!!!  I love batik designs and colours, so hello, I couldn’t just leave those fabrics behind, could I?!

After working with those for a few years, I decided to go back to my old habit of only buying fabrics from thrift stores, which mostly meant hunting for those awesome cotton vintage floral sheets that I love so much.  I do pick through the “fabrics” sections of thrift stores, but all I ever see in those is polyester and rayon and such.  No thank you.

But one day, as I roamed through Value Village on a 50% off day, I spied this beautiful pink batik piece of fabric – you betcha I snatched that thing off the rack!!  It’s a good thing, because as soon as I left the rack, someone else came by and picked her way carefully through the rack.   😀  It’s a huge piece, and I think I paid a dollar or a dollar fifty for it.

Pink Yellow Green Floral and Dotted Cotton Batik Fabric

And then there was this piece of batik.  It was originally a cotton shirt I got for 50% off at another Value Village sale, but it turned out it doesn’t fit me well.  What was I to do?  Oh right, cut the pieces apart and use it for fabric, duh!!  😀

Pink and Orange Floral Cotton Batik Fabric

So, I’ve decided that it’s OK for me to love two different types of fabric – vintage floral sheets and floral cotton batiks.  I just hope I can find more batiks from thrift stores.  😀  Or not.  Because I just purged my fabric area (again) and told myself “NO MORE til you use what’s here!”  😀



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