Upcycled Wool Mittens in Progress!

Even though I’m not participating in any craft shows this fall and winter (sniff, sniff!  I miss it!  I almost applied for one in December, but talked myself out of it because I just. do. not. have. time. this year to produce enough!), I am still working on craft projects for sale here and there.  Currently I am working on five pairs of upcycled wool mittens.  (Scroll down to the middle of this post to see my favourite pairs from last year’s batch.  And see my Sold page for photos of all the pairs I made last year.)

This batch of five pairs features mostly cashmere wool, with the blue pair being made from a sweater that included rabbit hair!  I LOVE the feel and look of cashmere, so in my thrift store wool-hunting this past year, I limited my wool purchases to cashmere wool.  My mother also gave me some cashmere sweaters she had stashed for some sewing projects.  I have a pretty decent variety of colours in cashmere!

And as usual, each pair will feature a suede leather palm, because this lends a certain strength and sturdiness to the mitten (especially with the way I sew all the parts together).  It also better protects the wearer’s hands when driving, shoveling snow, or throwing snowballs. 😀  And as usual again, I’m decorating each pair individually. I love, love, LOVE picking out fun bits of fabric and buttons to adorn them with!

I can’t wait to show you when they are finished and listed for sale along with a few other pairs of upcycled wool mittens.  Enjoy the works-in-progress photos – can you see the fuzziness of the cashmere??  It’s so soft and cozy!

black cashmere wool mitten with jade green leather palm and boho adornment
black cashmere with pink batik and colourful buttons
green cashmere wool mitten with brown leather palm and boho embellishment
green cashmere with purple/red batik and colourful buttons
blue rabbit hair and wool mitten with brown leather palm and boho decoration
blue wool and rabbit hair with black batik and colourful buttons
coral cashmere wool mitten with beige leather palm and boho decoration
coral cashmere with green batik and colourful buttons

(sorry about the blurry photo above – view it as though it’s a watercolour painting!)

purple cashmere wool mitten with brown leather palm and boho decoration
purple cashmere with orange batik cotton and colourful buttons



2 thoughts on “Upcycled Wool Mittens in Progress!

  1. Colleen those mittens are outstanding I would definitely like to purchase when they Are ready. You are extremely talented. Best wishes and love to you. Aunt Peg

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