purple sunhat from vintage sheet with orange silk flower and band
purple sunhat from vintage sheet with orange silk flower and band

I’m Colleen, living near Halifax, Nova Scotia with my husband and two young adult children.  I immigrated to Canada in 1994 when I got married.  I grew up in rural Maine, but have lived in many different places:  Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey again, Ontario, Quebec, and now Nova Scotia since 1996.  I’m the oldest of five siblings; three brothers and a sister.  I spent my late teens to mid-20s years volunteering with an international and interdenominational missions organization (and working in paid office jobs); as a result, I have good friends from around the world.

I spent sixteen years (finished June 2019!) homeschooling my two children to the end of Grade 12, and that was an adventure of a lifetime (YES, all through Grades P-12; and YES, both were accepted to post-secondary universities and community colleges they applied to).  I love them dearly and am so proud of them and who they are as young adults now.

I am a reading tutor for local children who need help in learning to read and/or learning to understand what they are reading.  I am also a writing tutor for an academically excellent online school for jr. high and high school students.  I’ve also contributed writing and research to a couple of books from this home education publisher.

Most of all, I am a creative person!  I learned from my mother how to sew and crochet when I was a kid, and have always loved doing those things.  She also tried to teach me how to knit at various times.   On the third time, when I was 32, it finally stuck in my brain!!  I remember really enjoying my art class in Grade 12 – that’s where I first learned some basics of drawing skills.  My creativity went on hiatus for a few years after high school, but it sparked to life again when I lived in Ontario around a bunch of other creatives.  That’s when I learned to use pretty magazine pages to make envelopes in which to send letters.  After that, I just started making…so many things!  Clothing, home decor, gifts, toys, accessories.  I remember being very excited to find a bunch of coloured pencils left behind in an apartment by a former tenant; I made and decorated bookmarks with those and some white cardstock.  I’ve decided I love working with fabric, yarn, thread, and paper.  And sometimes seashells and sea glass.  Much of my outward creativity comes as a result of the need to be frugal while raising children; I haunted thrift stores for years and found all sorts of inexpensive items to use to create (vintage cotton sheets for fabric LONG before that became a “thing” on the internet).  I guess I just love decorating the world around me with pattern and colour.  I also love writing and have been slowly teaching myself and practicing some different writing skills.  I am trying to gather courage to share some writing besides blog posts!