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Wool Mittens and Christmas Cards

I worked on a few personal creative projects in December, and one of them resulted in being commissioned to do a custom order.  I had figured out how to make mittens from shrunken wool sweaters, so I made a pair for myself: I lined them with fabric from a thrifted bathrobe, and I put red suede… Continue reading Wool Mittens and Christmas Cards

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Craft Area Gets Reorganized; New Items Made

Well, I’ve had a busy summer with household and family projects in addition to craft projects, thus the gap in between posts again.  However, today I was able to take a bunch of photos, and now I will catch you up on my progress towards the fall craft shows! One project I did was to… Continue reading Craft Area Gets Reorganized; New Items Made

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Upcoming Shows and Works in Progress

Yikes, two months is far too long since my last blog post!  Time for a shows and works in progress update!! First of all, I found out that I have been accepted for a few juried craft shows in the fall!!  I am very excited about these.  Two of them are the Hand Made Art and… Continue reading Upcoming Shows and Works in Progress

Completed Projects · Works-In-Progress

Flower Appliqued Bags

I am working on some flower appliqued bags made from cotton, linen, and silk; so I thought I’d post some works-in-progress photos. The first set of photos shows the makings of some new reversible cross-body bags.  This time the bags will have decorated flaps, and these have been very fun to create!! The next set… Continue reading Flower Appliqued Bags

Completed Projects · Works-In-Progress

New Year, New Projects!

After a busy autumn, I slowed down for the Christmas season.  After that, I spent weeks decluttering my house!  And since I also home-educate my kids, I spent time reorganizing that whole project.  In between decluttering spurts, I worked on some personal creative projects, some of which you will see here.  And I also got… Continue reading New Year, New Projects!


Craft Fair Display Experiments!

I’m excited that I finished painting my thrift store finds (bookshelf, shelf, and mirror) and garage-found table in the deep, dark purple plum paint!  When they dried, I hauled them all upstairs and put them on my dining table.  I measured for a typical craft show table, and proceeded to work on a new show… Continue reading Craft Fair Display Experiments!


Need Craft Show Display Advice!

Can you give me some advice and feedback about my craft show display tables?  I have participated in craft shows since autumn of 2010.  But up until last October, I did not realize the importance of having vertical and multi-level displays.  I had always laid out my items on a table – a thought at… Continue reading Need Craft Show Display Advice!

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Pink, Green, and Turquoise Works-in-Progress

I’m featuring works-in-progress-or-already-done in colours such as pink, green, and turquoise here!! I’ve created a new chevron cotton hat for sale.  This is made from cotton yarn and is edged with pink beads. I’m also branching out with my cards!  I will be experimenting with various types of art and media (all by hand, no… Continue reading Pink, Green, and Turquoise Works-in-Progress

Completed Projects · Works-In-Progress

Learning How to Watermark Photos

So my next project in this craft business journey is to learn how to watermark my photos.  This is so when I share them anywhere on the internet, my information will follow the photos. Let’s see if this simple experiment worked (the photo is a crocheted cotton stuffed ball I made for a friend’s baby):… Continue reading Learning How to Watermark Photos


Learning Photography Skills; Works In Progress

Bear with me while I learn photography skills!  Enjoy some photos of more of my works in progress: Since I am preparing for selling at an event at the end of June, I will take better photos of my products as they are completed in the next few weeks.  Then I will post photos here… Continue reading Learning Photography Skills; Works In Progress