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Wool Mittens and Christmas Cards

I worked on a few personal creative projects in December, and one of them resulted in being commissioned to do a custom order.  I had figured out how to make mittens from shrunken wool sweaters, so I made a pair for myself: I lined them with fabric from a thrifted bathrobe, and I put red suede… Continue reading Wool Mittens and Christmas Cards

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Thrift Haul From Value Village

Value Village had a 50% off sale on clothing and bedding recently.  Guess who drove to both local stores in a single afternoon and spent the whole time poring over racks of clothing and sheets?!  My daughter came along, and though dragging by the end, she had fun watching me go nuts over linens and… Continue reading Thrift Haul From Value Village

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Bags, Brooches, and Craft Show

Wow, I cut out a lot more pieces of fabric for projects than I thought!  But I have made progress in them.  I should be ready for the first craft show of the season in three weeks!  Featured below are reversible cross-body bags, reversible tote bags, and wool and silk brooches.  Feast your eyes on the… Continue reading Bags, Brooches, and Craft Show

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Craft Area Gets Reorganized; New Items Made

Well, I’ve had a busy summer with household and family projects in addition to craft projects, thus the gap in between posts again.  However, today I was able to take a bunch of photos, and now I will catch you up on my progress towards the fall craft shows! One project I did was to… Continue reading Craft Area Gets Reorganized; New Items Made

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Vintage Sheet Creations

Why yes, this is my second post in one day.  This is because I suddenly remembered that I had a few other photos of things I’ve made in past years from vintage cotton floral sheets (or just solid-coloured sheets that I liked).  Here you go!

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Flower Appliqued Bags

I am working on some flower appliqued bags made from cotton, linen, and silk; so I thought I’d post some works-in-progress photos. The first set of photos shows the makings of some new reversible cross-body bags.  This time the bags will have decorated flaps, and these have been very fun to create!! The next set… Continue reading Flower Appliqued Bags

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My Own Bag and Jewelry!

Just for fun, here are some photos of bags, accessories, and jewelry storage I’ve made for me: This is a reversible padded bag with adjustable strap.  I had a blast decorating each side of the bag flap with applique, embroidery, and buttons!! This is a business card holder I made with three different fabrics.  I’m… Continue reading My Own Bag and Jewelry!