Dalplex Christmas Craft Market – My First Big Craft Show!

I just finished a three-day weekend of my first big (translation:  pricier-booth-rental-but-thousands-of-visitors-coming-through) craft show!  I was a vendor at the Dalplex Christmas Craft Market.  It was a lot of fun having a booth space (8 ft. by 10 ft.) in which to spread out my products.  I had a general layout idea in my head,… Continue reading Dalplex Christmas Craft Market – My First Big Craft Show!

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Thrift Haul From Value Village

Value Village had a 50% off sale on clothing and bedding recently.  Guess who drove to both local stores in a single afternoon and spent the whole time poring over racks of clothing and sheets?!  My daughter came along, and though dragging by the end, she had fun watching me go nuts over linens and… Continue reading Thrift Haul From Value Village

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Vintage Cotton Floral Sheets!!!!!

I went to a thrift store yesterday – they were having a 50% off sale on clothing and bedding.  I found FOUR beautiful cotton vintage floral sheets!!!!!!!!  A friend was with me, and she had to listen to me go on and on about how excited I was about these finds.  I don’t think I’ve… Continue reading Vintage Cotton Floral Sheets!!!!!

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Craft Show and Flower Brooches

I spent last Friday and Saturday at the Hand Made Art & Craft Show.  It was fun to meet some new artists and crafters who are closer to where I live!  I bought an art print from one of the artists, who was very fun to talk with.  Many thanks to those of you who came… Continue reading Craft Show and Flower Brooches


Craft Fair Display Experiments!

I’m excited that I finished painting my thrift store finds (bookshelf, shelf, and mirror) and garage-found table in the deep, dark purple plum paint!  When they dried, I hauled them all upstairs and put them on my dining table.  I measured for a typical craft show table, and proceeded to work on a new show… Continue reading Craft Fair Display Experiments!


Need Craft Show Display Advice!

Can you give me some advice and feedback about my craft show display tables?  I have participated in craft shows since autumn of 2010.  But up until last October, I did not realize the importance of having vertical and multi-level displays.  I had always laid out my items on a table – a thought at… Continue reading Need Craft Show Display Advice!

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I live with my husband and our two teens.  I love working with fabric, yarn, and paper; and I love bright colours.  I have been sewing and crocheting since I was a child.  I developed a love for working with paper when I was in my mid-20’s, and after the birth of my second child… Continue reading About Me