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Fun Decor and Fabrics

I keep scrolling on the internet, reading stories about how one of my favourite bloggers/writers touched people’s lives.  She had a far bigger impact than I realized.  I sure will miss her blogs, books, and snarky comments online when challenged by power-hungry leaders who probably felt threatened by her bravery and intellect.  All that reading today makes me think,… Continue reading Fun Decor and Fabrics


One of My Favourite Bloggers/Authors Died This Morning

Years ago, I discovered Rachel Held Evans, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her blogging and her books.  When I learned a few weeks ago that she had suddenly experienced seizures during what seemed like a treatable illness, I started checking up on her every day (her husband would post updates from the hospital).  I checked this morning,… Continue reading One of My Favourite Bloggers/Authors Died This Morning