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Mittens, Wristlets, Pillowcases, Art Notecards!

I’ve been busy again with making mittens, a couple of bright wristlets, some pillowcases, and some art notecards.  Here we go… I will have fifteen pairs of recycled fluffy wool mittens for sale!  I created my own mitten pattern using my knowledge of geometry (that was fun!).  I started off using some thick wool, but then… Continue reading Mittens, Wristlets, Pillowcases, Art Notecards!

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Pillowcases! Sunhats! Mittens! Granny Squares!

I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but I am still crafting away here in between all my other life duties!  I’ve slowed down on the mass-production mode I had been in; and I’ve enjoyed making unique pillowcases, sunhats, mittens, and granny squares for two different blankets. The following photos are of the… Continue reading Pillowcases! Sunhats! Mittens! Granny Squares!

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Flower Appliqued Bags

I am working on some flower appliqued bags made from cotton, linen, and silk; so I thought I’d post some works-in-progress photos. The first set of photos shows the makings of some new reversible cross-body bags.  This time the bags will have decorated flaps, and these have been very fun to create!! The next set… Continue reading Flower Appliqued Bags

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New Year, New Projects!

After a busy autumn, I slowed down for the Christmas season.  After that, I spent weeks decluttering my house!  And since I also home-educate my kids, I spent time reorganizing that whole project.  In between decluttering spurts, I worked on some personal creative projects, some of which you will see here.  And I also got… Continue reading New Year, New Projects!